Welcome to the park les Aigles du Léman!

The park is currently closed, we are looking forward to seeing you next season!

WELCOME to all our friends – To those who love the outdoors and to watch birds. Welcome to those who enjoy the magic of seeing birds of prey in free flight, to those whose pulses race at the spectacle of the ancient sports of falconry, and the tournaments of chivalry.

ENJOY the thrill of these lords of the skies as they fly over your head, share a glimpse of the spirited life of the courts of old, historical and entertaining.

LEARN! How deep can the cormorant dive? Why is the nose of the Black Nosed Sheep really black? What moves the lives of wolves, sheep dogs and the dogs of the country – a new world awaits you.

ASK your questions – you will find the answers here, and more – in an unforgettable experience that will enthrall your senses and touch you to the bottom of your heart.

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